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Mendix for Professional Developers

Build complex, mission-critical apps at warp speed with a model-driven development platform.

Streamline development through collaboration and simplification.

Collaborate with business teams and gain an increased capacity to prototype through a simplified development process that still meets high-security standards.

Solve data bottlenecks with Mendix Connect where you can describe data sources, assign business and technical ownership, identify metadata sensitivity, and tag data sources. Mendix also supports connections to other apps and services through industry-standard interfaces and protocols such as REST, SOAP, JDBC, and OData.

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Security by design

The Mendix Platform, with its out-of-the-box security measures, protects against known security threats (including, but not limited to, SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and broken authentication), and logs relevant activities during the app delivery cycle to ensure compliance with customer requirements for auditability. Additionally, developers can enable two-factor authentication, define password policies, and configure access rights for file storage. Lastly, our user management and provisioning service (MxID) gives admins control over role-based user permissions.

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Security by design at Mendix
Professional developers love the extensibility of Mendix

Flexible, extensible, and deployed anywhere

Extend your application with reusable components and custom Java code while leveraging third-party testing services and automation servers. Between built-in automated testing, proactive quality monitoring, and real-time performance management, the platform rigorously analyzes each app you create throughout the entire development lifecycle so your app does what it’s supposed to do once deployed. Meanwhile, continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) is supported both in the Mendix Developer Portal and via the platform APIs.

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Native mobile? IoT? Do it all.

Mendix leverages the React Native framework for building mobile apps that deliver a true native experience on Android and iOS. Develop, deploy, test, and manage mobile applications from a single, integrated, visual development environment.

The Mendix Platform is also the fastest and easiest way to build IoT-enabled software and applications. The platform’s visual, model-driven approach enables developers with a range of skill sets to consume IoT services from best-in-class IoT platforms, including AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure and KPN LoRa.

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Native mobile, IoT, do it all with Mendix
Mendix customer Avertra tells their story_image

What others are saying about low-code.

Avertra had the industry expertise and development talent they needed, but faced challenges in building scalable solutions. They were looking for a platform with a high degree of flexibility, including being able to integrate with SAP, Watson, machine-learning components, and more.

After performing a cost-benefit analysis, Avertra’s CEO, Bashir Bseirani said: “It wasn’t a question of ‘Why low-code?’ but ‘Why not low code?’ Low-code wipes out a lot of our architectural and technical debt. Instead of focusing on development, it frees us up to focus on innovation, design, user experience, and customer experience. Those are the most important things, and you need a great platform that will help your engineers focus on them.”

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What’s the difference between low-code and no-code?

    No-code platforms are typically visual-based with drag and drop elements that allow you to create basic but functional apps. This mode of creation is best for specific needs within a limited scope or for those without a background in development who are looking to create an app.
    On the other hand, low-code platforms can also be visual-based, employing drag-and-drop elements, but will offer opportunities beyond that through their extensibility, allowing for manual coding or scripting. This gives developers a best-of-both-worlds scenario where the speed of development can be increased without continually replicating basic code.

  • What are the key benefits of a low-code platform for developers?

    In addition to being extensible and open to customization with coding or scripting, the Mendix low-code platform allows for scalable architectures, along with open APIs for reusability and flexibility with cloud or on-premises deployment. The workflow will be a familiar world to developers, and they can exercise control over application testing and quality and performance tooling.

    The all-purpose nature of the Mendix low-code platform opens the door for a wide variety of exciting use cases, including those with next-generation technologies. It comes with a comprehensive component library built by technology leaders that allow developers to draw on third-party smart cloud services like AI, blockchain, machine learning, voice and facial recognition, in addition to open-source community tools.

  • Can I try Mendix for free before purchasing?

    Yes! The Mendix Free edition comes with everything you need to design, build, and deploy demos, prototypes, or small applications. No commitment or credit card is required! It includes a deployment environment for each application with unlimited users.