Mendix University Program

Turning learners into makers

Empower your students to build apps in the classroom. No coding skills needed.

“Introducing the Mendix application platform in the information technology classroom allowed first-year students to experience the agile development process and quickly create a simple web application. Students gained an appreciation for current software development methodologies and tools they otherwise might not see until later in their studies.”

— Professor Mark Frydenberg, Bentley University

Incorporate Mendix into curriculum

Professors have seamlessly woven Mendix into Information Systems and Computer Science curriculum in classes like:

  • Intro to Information Systems

  • Management Information Systems Capstone

  • Low-code App Development

  • Project Management

  • Systems Analysis and Design

Used by professors at leading schools worldwide

12+ Countries, 150+ Universities, 200+ Professors, 9,000+ Students

Active in your professor community

We know professors treasure the opportunity to meet your peers. Look for us in your community.

“Mendix gives the students an opportunity to foster a valuable skill set within the industry to ensure their readiness to find a job once they graduate.”

— Professor Bengisu Tulu, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

What professors can expect with the Mendix University Program

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  • Consult with a dedicated faculty technology advisor

  • Unlock ready-to-use curriculum

  • Learn the Mendix platform through simple tutorials

  • Kick off the first day of class with success

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