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The Independent Software Vendor (ISV) program is developed for organizations to build and accelerate their software business by selling unique customer-centric solutions. The ideal set of benefits enables you, whether you are an established (software) organization or a start-up, to successfully develop, deploy, bring to market and sell your software solutions built on the leading low-code development platform.

The benefits of the Independent Software Vendor program

The program is a win-win partner relationship based on a revenue share business model. It enables solution vendors like you to leverage the leading enterprise low-code platform and tap into the global Mendix customer audience.

Go Make It

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  • Get access to free development licenses including Data Hub to develop your solution
  • Technical enablement track and best practices will help you during development
  • Solution review and certification program ensures security and scalability
  • You’ll receive discounts on Mendix training and certifications to get you and your team up to speed
  • Exposure to the Mendix product roadmap and group enablement opportunities

Go Market It

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  • Accelerate your go-to-market strategy with support of our global marketing team for social media, blog posts and press releases
  • Expose your solution to the global Mendix community through the Mendix Solutions Gallery and Marketplace
  • Earn recognition and credibility because you’re part of the MSV program

Go Sell It

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  • Our revenue share based program allows you to define the pricing and business model to make you successful
  • Our guidance and best practices can help you establish your ideal business and GTM model
  • Get access to exclusive webinars and Partner forums to gain insights into growing your business

The Mendix ISV Startup Program

Within the ISV program, we offer a unique program for startups. The Mendix ISV Startup Program enables early stage companies looking to build a software business and monetize their domain expertise by selling solutions. The Mendix ISV Startup Program provides startups with tools and resources to develop, deploy, bring to market, and sell software solutions built on Mendix’s low-code development platform. The economic model of the Mendix ISV Startup Program is based on a revenue sharing agreement that enables startups to establish a profitable and predictable business model. To help our startup partners kick-start their go to market journey, we will waive our revenue share for one year after the initial launch of their solution.

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Our ISV Partners

Meet our partners who are growing their business through our Program

Why build your solution with Mendix?

Leverage the leading low-code platform to build and provide world-class software solutions to your customers and improve your ROI 

  • Accelerate your path to revenue

    Accelerate your product roadmap, add new features 10x faster with 70% fewer development resources, support quick and easy implementation

  • Stay ahead of your competition

    Make any part of your product multi-experience with native mobile app capabilities without requiring coding, giving you a competitive advantage over standard full-code applications

  • Enterprise level built-in security

    Highest level of certifications accreditations with ISO/IEC 27017, ISO/IEC 27018, so you do not have to worry about the safety of your customer’s data

  • Reduce TCO and churn rate

    Integrated DevOps, single-click deployment, and a rock-solid cloud native platform (99.5% guaranteed uptime), keeps your development costs low and your customers happy

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I qualify as an ISV?

    If you want to develop, market and sell your software solution or application you are an independent software vendor (ISV). ISVs come in all shapes and sizes—from startups with a great idea to an established IT solution-provider that decides to evolve their business a software product based on their own intellectual property.

    You are an ISV if you have the entrepreneurial spirit to meet the following criteria:

    • A monetizable idea to solve a business problem
    • Ability to develop a repeatable software solution
    • Ability to market, sell and support a software solution
  • What kind of solutions are right for the Mendix ISV program?

    The Mendix ISV program enables an companies to monetize their considerable domain expertise. It can allow startups with an innovative disruptive idea to develop and sell a software solution built on the Mendix Low code platform very quickly

    Software solutions to be considered for the ISV program must solve a customer business problem and be suitable to be adopted by multiple customers. While configuration, some light customization and solution tailoring are often part of an implementation, this should remain limited for an Out-of-the-Box (OOTB) software product. Whenever possible, configurations that can be accessed from within the application itself are the best practice for customer tailoring, however, some areas such as integration require use of the Mendix Studio and are supported in this program. Any application that is not repeatable and requires significant customization outside of general integration would not be suitable as an ISV solution and for the program.

  • What do I need to do to get my project reviewed and accepted?

    After receiving your application to the Mendix ISV program, we ask you to provide a simple Solution 4-pager for your solution. This document tells us about the business problem you are solving, the solution you’re building, the technical overview of the solution, dependencies and GTM details. This allows us to review and provide advice on the best practices to launch a software product. It also helps us to verify that you meet our ethics and integrity standards . Mendix must be able to review this plan before you can submit your product for quality and security review. The 4-pager template will be provided to you after our first application review meeting.

  • How do I learn more about the Mendix ISV Program?

    To learn more about the Mendix ISV Program contact us below or learn how you can expand your business by becoming a Mendix ISV Partner

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