Enabling Business Transformation in Insurance

Capgemini and Mendix have joined forces to bring you solutions that will change the way you interface with Insurance. These low-code solutions accelerate digitalization and integration of front- and back-end processes, enabling business transformation and improving customer experiences. Mendix and Capgemini jointly built and delivered two low-code insurance solutions: Direct to Consumer and Underwriter Workbench.

Direct to Consumer

“How do we get to market faster?” is a question every insurer faces. Even the best consumer-facing ideas get bogged down by legacy systems and COTS solutions that limit speed and flexibility. On top of that, IT is constantly spread thin with maintenance and competing priorities. How can insurers deliver “quick to consumer” insurance solutions that have a positive customer experience?

The Direct to Consumer chassis helps you deliver application-based experiences to consumers faster than your competitors. Customizable templates act as a process kick-starter, and simple, straight-through processing streamlines execution. This enables Insurance carriers to deliver “quick to customer” insurance solutions that have a positive customer experience.

  • Chassis that allows insurance companies to offer direct and efficient consumer experience to purchase simple insurance
  • Application based
  • Quicker TTM

Customer experience is the differentiator in today’s insurance market–bridge from business vision to execution faster and easier with Mendix and Capgemini.

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P&C Underwriter Workbench

Underwriters often deal with fragmented and inefficient processes. Data sits in multiple silos, and getting information and answers is tough to facilitate and harder to track. Imagine being audited and having to track down a paper trail when your organization is still relying on spreadsheets. The time is now for insurers to digitalize offerings and services.

P&C Underwriter Workbench from Mendix and Capgemini is the tool that brings all your underwriting tools and processes together under one roof. A single control panel serves as a one stop shop for underwriting tools and processes, improving efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Enables underwriters to complete risk assessment quickly and efficiently
  • Shortens time-to-decision
  • Facilitates predictive analysis

Get a 360-degree view of your underwriting processes with an intuitive tool that’s easy to customize, deploy, and offers flexibility.


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