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Apply Intelligent Automation
to Your Business with Mendix
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The power of low-code and AWS

It’s a no-brainer. Intelligently automated processes can drive costs down and improve operational effectiveness. That means that building intelligent automation (IA) applications that drive business processes is vital for your organization. But developing those apps can also be time- and resource-consuming.

So what’s the intelligent thing to do? Leverage low-code to create IA implementations, of course. With Mendix on AWS, you can quickly build apps infused with intelligent AWS services like Comprehend, Lex, Rekognition, and SageMaker.

Watch this live talk where Madhu Raman, Head Automations Business at Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Jethro Borsje, Chief Ecosystem Solution Officer, discuss how you can use Mendix’s low-code platform and AWS to build the solutions your business needs to stay ahead in an ever-competitive world.

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During this live talk, you’ll discover how intelligent automation helps you optimize the way you do business, and how Mendix on AWS helps you get there.

You’ll learn:

  • The importance of IA and its enabling technologies like Mendix’s low-code Platform
  • How to drag and drop AWS services like NLP, machine learning, conversational AI, image and document recognition that allow you to automate human tasks at scale
  • What success looks like with Mendix on AWS through real-world examples