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Powerful tools for team development

Mendix keeps teams and projects aligned with the most robust low-code collaboration and communication tools.

  • Common visual language

    Share ideas, gather feedback, and collaborate in real time. Mendix enables effective business-IT communication and collaboration through a common visual language and model-driven development.

  • Robust version control

    Built on top of Git, Mendix Version Control lets developers work in tandem so that different app features can be worked on at the same time.

  • Collaborative project spaces

    In the Mendix Developer Portal, each app lives in its own central project space with tools for collaboration, Agile project management, backlog management, feedback management, and DevOps.

  • Agile project management

    Manage projects easily with built-in tools for Agile project management methodologies like Kanban and Scrum. Mendix enables teams to create, refine, and prioritize user stories collaboratively using conversation threads.

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Cloud-native deployment

All apps developed with Mendix are cloud-native, containerized, and portable by default. Developers have the freedom and flexibility to deploy and scale anywhere — public, private, or hybrid clouds or on-premises.

With this flexibility, Mendix apps benefit from auto-provisioning, auto-healing, low infrastructure overhead, CI/CD support, and cloud interoperability.

  • Deploy apps to any cloud, on-premise environment, or edge device
  • Scale apps for growth without rearchitecting or redesigning
  • Incorporate existing DevOps practices or create your own
  • Migrate easily from one cloud provider to another
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Modern, cross-platform UI and UX

Create offline-first native mobile apps, PWAs, and responsive web apps. With Mendix, it’s easy to deliver consistent, engaging multi-channel experiences across web, mobile, wearable, conversational, and immersive touch points.

  • Responsive apps across touchpoints

    Build native iOS and Android apps, progressive web apps (PWAs), web-based portals, IoT-enabled smart apps, and beyond — all in a single platform.

  • Bespoke UX

    Mendix leverages open-source JavaScript frameworks (React and React Native) to empower teams to build engaging user experiences.

Easy-access Atlas

Accelerate development with pre-built and reusable models, templates, widgets, and components. With the Mendix Atlas UI design language, teams can create intuitive UI and UX, or build a unique design language with the Atlas UI framework.

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Unlimited extensibility

Customize and extend both the Mendix Platform and your apps without limitations. Out of the box, the Platform and apps are open and extensible at every level, enabling teams to tailor Mendix to enterprise needs and extend app capabilities.

  • Extend the Platform with APIs and integrate existing tools, CI/CD pipelines, and test automation suites
  • Build reusable components with Java and Javascript to extend the capabilities of your applications
  • Integrate third-party tools, migrate, adjust, and analyze Mendix Models programmatically with Mendix Model SDK
  • Leverage open AI/ML models inside your apps with the Mendix Machine Learning Kit
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Universal access to data

Quickly find, understand, and use your data in a connected ecosystem. Mendix empowers enterprises to quickly and securely share data across projects and teams.

  • Monitor data activity, including what system is retrieving what data
  • Build reusable components and microservices fast with seamless access to data
  • Ensure that data is used securely and consistently with Data Hub External Entities
  • Visualize data with charting capabilities or by connecting Mendix to your existing BI tools
  • Control your data with Mendix Data Hub

    Locate metadata, connect apps and BI tools to the right datasets, and ensure data consistency throughout your organization. In the Mendix Data Hub Catalog, teams can describe data sources, assign business and technical ownership, and tag data sources appropriately.

  • Integrate external data with standard protocols

    Mendix supports integrations with your existing data sources and services through industry-standard interfaces and protocols — REST, SOAP, MQTT, JDBC, ODBC, BAPI, OPC, and OData — enabling developers to connect to systems like Oracle, Salesforce, MS Dynamics, SAP, AWS, and others.

Trusted security and governance

As the most secure low-code platform, Mendix handles all aspects of security with built-in proactive, reactive, preventative, and defensive controls for both the Platform and your apps.

Inherent features include automated quality monitoring, consistency checks, and testing, as well as standard DevOps and governance tools and services. Open tooling also enables teams to build and implement custom governance and DevOps practices.

Intelligent process automation

Modernize operations and create flexible processes and workflows at speed and scale. Workflows are native to the logic capabilities of the Mendix Platform, giving teams the ability to visually add complex business logic to processes without writing code.

Developers can take it further by building and extending fully functional workflow apps, applying advanced logic, integrating with any system, and creating reusable workflow components.

  • Modernize legacy processes and build new digital, automated workflows
  • Design seamless, scalable, automated workflows and modernize manual and legacy processes
  • Ensure that all processes meet internal and external compliance requirements
  • Leverage your existing RPA tools to automate processes

24/7 support and resources

  • The Mendix Community

    The thriving Mendix Community is home to thousands of Platform users and contributors. Here, you’ll find the latest news on product releases, webinars, and meetups, as well as updates to documentation, the Mendix Forum, and the Mendix Marketplace.

    The Mendix Forum is where users can ask questions, get support, share ideas, and find the tools necessary to reach their app development goals. The forum is active 24/7, with most questions answered within 30 minutes.

  • Mendix Marketplace

    Extend your apps with reusable solutions built by Mendix, Mendix partners, and our thriving developer community.

    Mendix Marketplace contains a curated library of templates, connectors, modules, widgets, and other purpose-built components to help teams accelerate development. Developers can also upload components they’ve built and share with the Mendix community

  • Mendix Academy

    Mendix Academy offers virtual and in-person training courses and workshops that cover everything from Platform fundamentals to advanced development topics.

    The Mendix Developer Certification Program gives developers the opportunity to boost their expertise by becoming certified as a Rapid Developer, Intermediate Developer, Advanced Developer, or Expert Developer. Teams can also watch live or on-demand webinars that dive deep into topics like UX, REST integrations, mobile development, and more.

What can you build with Mendix?

Customer Experience

The City of Rotterdam improves experiences with portals

“What Mendix gave us was a fast track for development of the smaller demands, or the things that can be done in an agile way with rapid prototyping.”

Mark Vermeer, CIO, City of Rotterdam

Digital transformation

WRSTBND increases ticket sales with IoT-enabled turnstiles

“[We are] a very tech-savvy company, but none of us are coders. That didn’t stop us from quickly learning how to build apps on the Mendix platform.”

Jonathan Foucheaux, CTO and co-founder, WRSTBND

Legacy modernization

PostNL speeds parcel delivery with microservices at scale

“Low-code makes business topics more understandable because it’s a business process. So, you have a common language that we can talk about. It’s so much clearer in discussions with your business stakeholders.”

Chris Neuteboom, Product Owner, Order Management System

Process automation

PVH Europe automates across the retail supply chain

“That’s where Mendix brought a lot of value: To bring – in a short amount of time – a specific solution that needs to integrate with a few systems and have a user interface good enough to not require any training.”

Sander Kieft, Senior Director, Architecture

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  • Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Low-Code Application

  • Leader in the Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Development Platforms For Professional Developers, Q2 2021