Forrester: Total Economic Impact (TEI) of the Mendix Platform

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The ROI of Mendix

Traditional development methods and lengthened software development cycles are costing organizations lots of time, savings, and revenue opportunities. That’s why organizations are turning to enterprise low-code development platforms like Mendix to accelerate the development process, release apps into market sooner, and start realizing business value earlier.

To understand the impact and ROI of the Mendix Platform and the benefits of low-code, read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study. Organizations using Mendix can realize $20.52M in total quantified benefits over three years.

Low-code benefits and cost savings

Download Forrester’s report now to read about how organizations using Mendix stand to see significant benefits across four metrics:

  • Savings of $8.1M from accelerating application development time
  • Operational efficiency gains of $6M from digitizing business processes
  • Improved customer experiences contributing to an incremental gross profit of $3.1M
  • New gross profit of $3.3 million from launching new products into market faster
“The ability to develop new products quickly with Mendix has changed our business… We can get so much out to our customers much faster, and we get quick feedback from them. The speed-to-market has improved our relationship with our customers.” – Interviewed VP of Software Development